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‘Mixing’ it up with new experiences – 2019 CLPNA AGM & Conference

What else is there to experience from The Alchemy of Professionalism at the 2019 CLPNA AGM & Conference? More professionals presenting!


Mixed Elements will be a fast-paced, engaging hour connecting you to info you need to know:

  1. Open minds: A fresh perspective in person centered care – Rachel Beyer, Rebecca Routly and Alyssa Amrit Pannu, Bow Valley College
  2. Sound Body, Sound Mind Project – Friday Block-Lanas, Excel Society
  3. (Dis)connected: How Unseen Links are Putting Us at Risk – Dennis Dymovich, Heart & Stroke
  4. Vaccine Safety is Patient Safety! Provincial AEFI Team – Donna Meyer, Ruth Farley and Karen Bochar, AHS
  5. An Overview of the Effectiveness of Pain Management in Wound Care – Rhellen Parayno, Holy Cross; Bayshore
  6. An Artist Visual Impression Of Alzheimer’s Disease – Debbie Hanson
  7. Empowered Professionalism a Key to Excellence in Nursing – Glenda Tarnowski, College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta

Join us May 6-7 in Edmonton for the 2019 CLPNA AGM & Conference to examine the elements of nursing professionalism, with experts from a regulatory, legal, clinical, research and patient-safety perspective.

Registration from $210. LPNs may be eligible for a $100 educational grant. Over 350 front-line nurses and colleagues, as well as health care decision makers, managers and administrators are expected to attend.

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