“Nurturing: Our Emotions at Work” Keynote by David Sheard leads program

David Sheard

Inspiring motivational speaker and dementia-care advocate David Sheard brings his caring philosophy to Licensed Practical Nurses this spring.  On April 29, he’ll be one of the keynote speakers at the 2016 AGM & Conference of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA).

In “Nurturing: Our Emotions at Work in caring – the future role of LPNs”, he will show that the movement towards providing person-centred care is all about individual people being reached on the inside.

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This requires a newly-evolving construct in ‘being’ an LPN which focuses on the value of emotional labour and rejects the old culture of detached professionalism (“them and us”). The concept of emotional labour sees emotional competency in nurses as their primary competency.

It involves a return to the old values of nursing where LPNs are more feeling beings than just thinking beings.

In this presentation, David Sheard, author of Book 4 in the Feelings Matter Most series, Nurturing: emotions at work in staff, will highlight the findings from his UK study of emotional labour in nurses.

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He will identify what the new concept in nursing of ‘attached professionalism’ looks, sounds and feels like in the New Tomorrow and propose that care organizations will need to develop an Emotions at Work framework to support staff to ‘be’ this.


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